This was a video I’d made that was a combination of a Helen Gurley Brown recording, where she talked about how to manipulate men to find you sexy, old stock footage from Prelinger Archive’s 1940s-1960s Coronet instructional films, and some music I found that was 1960s music once piped into SS Kresge stores (aka early K-Mart).

The advice Mrs Gurley Brown dished out was already kind of dotty, but I decided to make it even weirder by mixing up all the sentences in the recordings so it sounded like a drunk old woman dishing out advice.

I’d gotten the Helen recording off of April Winchell’s old site, right before she launched Regretsy. She had a great online archive of awesome, weird MP3s of bizarre recordings.

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    Helen Gurley Brown is one of the weirdest and most fascinating people, I swear.
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