Egg Hill Church
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The company has not paid us for our work. Frank can no longer afford to drive 120 miles round trip to do this, so he can’t come in after today. I read HR the riot act. It got nowhere. My manager never showed up today. So as revenge I pulled a Godfather and stuck the bunny head in the middle of the break room behind the gate. Looking forward to being yelled at by the mall manager.
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(814) they despise her. she does no work and comes in late every day because she teaches pilates

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Self portrait in creepy mall bathroom.
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Lord of the flies
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Stan and Peggy.
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Charles Buchel portrait of Doris Keane
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A man writing on a complaints poster, 1922, London Underground
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Gwen Richardson, 1921
This would have been me in the 1920s: long hair, flower crown, dark lips, wearing black
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Refreshingly normal looking ladies.

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Notorious silent screen actress Olive Thomas riding an ostrich! 
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1 November 1922: Ludgate Circus.
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Opaque  by  andbamnan